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Pride Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility Scooters

Pride Scooters are making a name for themselves in the mobility market, from a company that also brings you jazzy power chairs, go-go travel mobility, pride lift chairs and lift ramps.

So why choose a Pride mobility scooter?

Performance is quite a factor here. The scooters are factory tested and engineered to give you an amazing high performance. These scooters are durable and made with quality in mind. They will give you a smooth operation without any worry, allowing you to focus on enjoying your ride and your day ahead.

Pride scooters are also comfortable, with their ergonomic controls, adjustable tillers and support seating.

They are supplied with an impressive range of many standard features.

The elegant style of Pride scooters is guaranteed to turn heads. They are designed with a sporty feel and you will feel as though your scooter is custom made to suit your own personal style.

They are also portable and easy to use, with their state of the art controls, as well as being versatile, so you should have no problem finding one to match your needs.

Enhanced suspension makes the pride models superior, and allows you to go off the beaten track when you need to.

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveller scooter is compact, meaning it can manoeuvre into tight spaces as well as giving great outdoor performance. Disassembly is easy with one touch.

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus has all the benefits of the above model with the added bonus of high performance and greater ease of transport.

The Pride Colt model also has high performance, new features and easy disassembly. This scooter is sleek and sporty looking. It has a wraparound delta tiller, back lit battery gauge and offers great value for money.

All Pride models feature quick and easy disassembly. Whatever the scooter you choose, from the compact travel model to the much larger, luxury versions, the design of the Pride scooters make them incredibly easy to store away and also make transport accessible and much more enjoyable.

Delivery of scooters is free and there are engineer accompanied deliveries which include a set up and demonstration of the scooter.

Pride offers an exclusive Owner’s club on the internet, which lets you interact with many other scooter owners and features forums so that you can share your experiences and ideas with like minded people.

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