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Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters offer people who may be housebound, or who have difficulty getting out and about, a greater quality of life, through new found independence and freedom.

We are an independent business with 12 years industry experience and expertise in the mobility scooter market. We are part of the Active Mobility Group and have multiple showrooms across the UK and we offer free delivery of products within 30 miles of our stores.

Mobility Scooter Brands

Invacare, Pride and Sterling
Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooters

Choose from our range of top manufacturers’ products, including Sterling, Pride and Invacare Mobility Scooters. Using our expertise in this field, you are sure to find the perfect product for your individual needs, whether you prefer a scooter for longer or shorter journeys. We are confident that we will have something to suit you perfectly.

Prices start at ÂŁ495 for a brand new scooter and these include full warranties, back up and support on all purchases made.

Mobility Scooters For Sale

The elegant Sterling Diamond with its black panels and chrome bumpers is suitable for both road and pavement use and features spring suspension, lights, adjustable seat height and an 8mph top speed. You can feel super confident on longer journeys too.

The Invacare Comet is highly reliable and comfortable and it has good, durable outdoor capabilities as well as an attractive appearance, which makes it highly appealing.

The Pride Colt Plus has a sporty design and excellent, high performance. This scooter offers good value for money and has a back lit battery gauge, as well as wraparound delta tiller. Aesthetically pleasing, it offers a great ride.

The Sterling Sapphire 2 is a 4mph scooter with easy assembly and disassembly. It offers greater legroom due to the ergonomic floor design and the dual handles fitted to the drive unit mean that handling and lifting your scooter is easy.

The Invacare Leo is suitable for the ultra independent traveller, with its safety features as well as quality and highly attractive design.

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus (based on the Go Go Elite Traveller) features high performance and an easy ride for your every need.